Friday, 11 September 2015

A Blue & White Collection

Yes, it was time for a new Blue & White collection to replace the 4 year old "Blue Collection". The Porcelain Collection, also inspired by my eternal love for this classic color combination (& Holland of course) came sashaying into the Scrap Girls Boutique yesterday.

The Porcelain Collection Biggie
Why am I replacing it? Well, thanks for asking...LOL You know... after 4 years your skills get better. For me, I've really been concentrating on doing better papers. If you loved the original Blue Collection, I hope you will love this one too.

  • (16) Blue & White background papers with patterns such as toile, tulips, stripes & other coordinating patterns and textures.
  • (3) 8.5X11 Pages of blue and white embellishments.
  • (3) Blue & White Alpha Sets to mix and Match

 This layout used the Porcelain Collection mixed with the Wood Mask Blenders that came out a couple of weeks ago. It adds a more rustic feel to the collection.

 Layering papers can be fun and you can create tons of combinations. The good thing about this collection is that all the papers go together. (PS I used the Silhouette Action to create word portrait in the background. By using the silhouette as a layer mask, you can create some fun effects.

 This layout showed off one of the alpha sets. There are 3 you can use or mix them up like in the "Gia" layout above. One fun thing about one of the alphas is that it has a blank space below for you to type a name or a word, date etc...  It's also fairly large, so making personalized notecards could be a great little gift for someone.

This was just something I was playing with, but the tulip paper does make a pretty desktop background. ;)
Make some pretty recipe cards, cut them out and attach then to a binder ring. Add pretty ribbons for a final touch. I'd LOVE a gift like that.

Here's an idea for making a little invitation to a tea party. Lilly has had a couple of these little parties for her friends. They get all dressed up in hats, it's so cute! I think I will save this for her next one.

Grab some FREE supplies over at Scrap Girls!

Today Scrap Girls has a couple of free things to download. They are only up for a couple of days so grab them before they are gone! (Click the Image Below)

 So that is what out new for this week. Keep watch because soon to come are the new 2016 Blender Calendar Templates. That's right, they are on their way so you can get a head start on some fun personalized Christmas gifts!

Have a great weekend!


  1. Love this newest release and enjoy all of the tips and tricks you have included here to expand how we can use the products. Your mini tutorials are reat.

    1. Thank you Judy! I use digi scrapping for all kinds of things. So I am glad I can point out some ideas or uses.

  2. Love this, I love the blue too.

    I was wondering could you make a brown, gold and cream collection. Those are the colors of my formal dinning and living room. I would love to use one of your collections to decorate some family photos to hang up in there. I just love your embellishments and papers.

    1. Sounds so pretty! I love that color combo and it's good for fall. I haven't done a lot with browns lately so it's a good idea.

  3. I hope you do it! The gold is not metallic just the color by the way.