Saturday, 26 September 2015

2016 Blender Calendar Templates are HERE!

It's that time of year again to get a good start on your Calendars for next year! This week I have the popular ScrapSimple Calendar Templates: 11x17 Blenders 2016.

ScrapSimple Calendar Templates: 11x17 Blenders 2016.
Make the MOST of your year! ScrapSimple Calendar Templates: Blenders is a set of 2016 templates that allow you to blend your favorite photos into the backgrounds. The set is a large format of 11x17. You can have these printed in full format or printed in (2) 8.5 X 11 Sheets.
The set comes with a BONUS Cover Template
These make a wonderful gift for your family and friends.

ScrapSimple Calendar Templates: Blenders includes all 12 months in PSD and drag and drop PNG format. Holidays are added separately so you can remove the ones your family doesn't observe. Journaling/quotation spots & pre-made month titles are included that you can use or remove to add your own favorite fonts and alphas . You can even customize the complete calendar by removing some items and adding your own.

 As a special BONUS, set of 12 Photoshop brushes (also in png format) for adding special day squares, birthdays or for stamping your own special events. These brushes include:
  • Birthday Cake
  • Special Event Block (Rounded & Square)
  • Star
  • Heart
  • 3 Arrows
  • Dot Background for the day numbers
  • Circle for the day numbers
  • Sketchy Circle
  • Sketchy X to mark off days on your calendar 
Some great ideas for your calendar can be: Photos, Recipes, Quotes and Art Journal Pages and of course your favorite layouts of the year.

The set is on sale this weekend (thorough tomorrow 9-27-15). Everything for $7.99! So grab it while it is at the intro price!
Use your own digital scrapbooking kits to create unique pages for each month or use one and keep the calendar cohesive thoroughout.
Highlight your favorite photos to share with family and friends.

The templates are simple and not overly complicated so that you can use your imagination to create something unique for your family. Use the blendable masks for photos, other papers or remove them completely. The possibilities are endless.
Add embellishments or keep it simple, your calendar...your choice.
This is an idea to hightlight your favorite things, one for each month. You can expand this idea to include favorite colors, quotes and recipes.
Don't forget all those months with family holidays like Easter, Halloween, 4th of July & of course Christmas & New Years.

You can click on any of the images & a link will take you to the Scrap Girls shop where you can purchase the templates and see all the products used to create the samples you see above. (complete with links to those products)

Have questions? Please feel free to ask. You can comment below or send a direct email to me at

Enjoy & have a wonderful weekend!

Friday, 11 September 2015

A Blue & White Collection

Yes, it was time for a new Blue & White collection to replace the 4 year old "Blue Collection". The Porcelain Collection, also inspired by my eternal love for this classic color combination (& Holland of course) came sashaying into the Scrap Girls Boutique yesterday.

The Porcelain Collection Biggie
Why am I replacing it? Well, thanks for asking...LOL You know... after 4 years your skills get better. For me, I've really been concentrating on doing better papers. If you loved the original Blue Collection, I hope you will love this one too.

  • (16) Blue & White background papers with patterns such as toile, tulips, stripes & other coordinating patterns and textures.
  • (3) 8.5X11 Pages of blue and white embellishments.
  • (3) Blue & White Alpha Sets to mix and Match

 This layout used the Porcelain Collection mixed with the Wood Mask Blenders that came out a couple of weeks ago. It adds a more rustic feel to the collection.

 Layering papers can be fun and you can create tons of combinations. The good thing about this collection is that all the papers go together. (PS I used the Silhouette Action to create word portrait in the background. By using the silhouette as a layer mask, you can create some fun effects.

 This layout showed off one of the alpha sets. There are 3 you can use or mix them up like in the "Gia" layout above. One fun thing about one of the alphas is that it has a blank space below for you to type a name or a word, date etc...  It's also fairly large, so making personalized notecards could be a great little gift for someone.

This was just something I was playing with, but the tulip paper does make a pretty desktop background. ;)
Make some pretty recipe cards, cut them out and attach then to a binder ring. Add pretty ribbons for a final touch. I'd LOVE a gift like that.

Here's an idea for making a little invitation to a tea party. Lilly has had a couple of these little parties for her friends. They get all dressed up in hats, it's so cute! I think I will save this for her next one.

Grab some FREE supplies over at Scrap Girls!

Today Scrap Girls has a couple of free things to download. They are only up for a couple of days so grab them before they are gone! (Click the Image Below)

 So that is what out new for this week. Keep watch because soon to come are the new 2016 Blender Calendar Templates. That's right, they are on their way so you can get a head start on some fun personalized Christmas gifts!

Have a great weekend!

Tuesday, 1 September 2015

September Feature Collection

This month will start a series of Feature Collections that you can only only see here on the blog. Not only do we get to see some popular kits and collection from the past, but you can also grab it at a saving this month!

My first collection featured for September will be the "Classmates Collection". Appropriate for this time of year as our kiddos get back to the ole classroom. The Classmates digital scrapbooking Collection is a modern styled school collection. This collection covers a wide range from just starting school thru high school.
You can save on either the Classmates Collection Biggie OR the Value Pack: Classmates.

Value Pack: Classmates
 Orig $21.27 NOW $13.82
You'll find this value pack jammed with all of the Classmates digital scrapbooking products. Included are: Classmates Collection Biggie, Classmates Overlays Paper Mini, Periodic Table Alpha Biggie & a Jif Album of 5 pre-made 12x12 digital scrapbooking layouts ready to take on your photos.

Classmates Collection Biggie
 Orig $9.99 NOW $6.49

 This layout is on of the pre-made JIFFY templates included in the Value Pack. Just add your photos and text and you are done in a Jiffy!

 Some fun embellishments in this collection are the semi transparent circles, they have texture like vellum and can be used as shown above or as photo-masks like in the layout below of Lilly at Dance School.
 This layout shows off both alpha sets included in the collection Biggie and Value Pack. One is an outline wire alpha in off white, while the other is a pressed alpha in fuchsia. By "pressed" I mean that it is indented to look like it is pressed into the paper underneath. You will find this effect in all of the large word art titles as well.

 Here is the sample of using those circles as photo-masks. I just set the blending mode to overlay and the pink showed through. Then I also clipped one of the overlays from the paper mini on top of the photo and lowered the opacity.

 The collection includes a blackboard paper. I intentionally didn't make it too "chalky" so you have a cleaner version of a very popular background.  I did the "Back to School" to mimic chalk to give you an idea of some of the fun things you can do with this paper.

 This sample is from the Jiffy Album, but the pie chart is included in the Collection as well. Even though they may seem smaller in the Marketing Graphic for the Embellishments, don't let that fool you. (I was running out of space lol) They are actually fairly large. The pie charts in the collection and embellishment biggie come with photo-masks (where you see Wes & the Journaling) while in the Jiffy Album, each pc of the chart is separate so you can use it as a template for other types of layouts.

 This is one of the layout samples for the 12x12 Jiffy Album. Each pc is separate so you can use it as as-is or as a template for other types of layouts. One thing I like about it is that the triangles are separated slightly allowing your background to show through if needed. Or as in the layout above, the white gives it a nice clean look. This is great for all the "extra" photos you have left over or small phone pictures.

 This layout shows one of the alpha type overlays. These are in an off white that matches the collection, but you could change it to black before overlaying for a darker effect. I kept them in white because it looks nice against the papers in the collection. For this one, I just lowered the opacity of the overlay and cut it off to match the edge of this half and half paper.

 This layout shows the diagonal stripe overlay which I kept wanting to use over and over again. I had to stop myself, LOL. It adds a fun graphic effect to any photo or just added over a solid color like above. This layout used one of the Jiffy Album templates (or one of the papers you can cut out yourself) I duplicated the layout and added it to a new document, decreasing the size to get this squared off effect.

While this is a sample for the Periodic Table Alpha Biggie, It is also included in the Jiffy Album. Like the triangles, it offers a clean graphic layout. Each pc is separate like the others so you can have fun.

Check Out Layouts from the ScrapGirls Gallery

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Layout by Melanie C at Scrap Girls
Layout by Carla S at Scrap Girls

Well I better get back to work so thanks for popping in and have a great week!