Thursday, 6 August 2015

Wood Mask Blenders

I've been wanting to do this little kit for some time now. When I was designing it and Jeroen walked by my desk, he said you can actually order prints on wood now..who knew? I really like the effect.

The set comes in PSD format with the mask blending modes already set to Hard Light. Depending on the photo or paper, if it's dark you may need to change it to overlay. Lighter photos and paper look fine with the Hard Light Setting. Just remember that the "Mask" needs the blending mode changed, not the photo.

They also come in JPG (The Wood backgrounds) and PNG (The Masks) formats so folks who use programs other than Photoshop or Elements can also use them.


You can do all linds of things with them from adding quotes on top, to blending photos and papers.
 This layout combine's an overlay along with part of the photo on a Torn Photo Clusters Embellishment with some script stamped on the background.
 In this sample I used Dynamic Brush Set: Art Diary to add some paint blobs and splatters over the wood.
 Adding grungy fonts and a few embellishments add a little interest. I love the holes in some of the masks, but if they end up blocking part of your photo you want to see (like someone's face), then just use a black brush to go over over the hole in the mask.
I like the fact that they look really great just simple like this. The reason I ended up with so many sample layouts is that I was having fun! That's always a good thing. ;)
Great for all types of layouts from Beach to Mountains and fab for art journaling type layouts. Hey...I forgot to do one of those! Oh well, you get the idea.

Lately I have had so much going on and I am working on several projects at once, but I wanted to get these out so you could have fun too.

PS... I wanted to tell ya'll that I am really big on answering any comments on this blog, but when Google Plus hooked up with Blogger for some reason I no longer get notifications when someone posts a comment. So if I didn't answer you, it was because I didn't see it. I try and watch the blog for a few days after a new post just to make sure. Please know you questions and comments are VERY important to me, so forgive me if I missed one.

I hope your weekend is fabulous dahlings!

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