Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Breaking Down the Layout #9 + Retiring Products

Today I have a couple of things for you.... I finally have the requested tutorial on how to do the blinking lights with Junkyard Marquee. PLUS, I wanted to let you all know that it is that time of year to retire some older products in order to make room for new things in the store.


You have until the Aug 27th to grab anything out of that category you want before it's gone baby gone! Now, I will warn you, there are lots of products retiring. I, myself have close to 50. So let me give you a tip on going thru that long list....


If you would like to see only a certain designer's retiring products, go to the "Advanced Search" at the top right hand of the store. Click on it and a search window pops up. Where it says "Search in Category" Click on the drop down box and choose "Last Chance" it will be at the top of the list. Then you can choose which designer's products you want to see. You can even choose more than one by hold down the shift key and selecting the next designer. It will highlight in blue so you know you have chosen it.

OK, so now on to the tutorial I promised.... You can watch it here or CLICK HERE to watch it on my YouTube Channel. We'll be breaking down the effects of the following layout:

Breaking Down the Layout #9 Junkyard Marquee Blinking Lights

Have a fab week my friends!


  1. Great tutorial, Brandy! I learned a lot. You explained things slowly and clearly. I will have to try this technique out.

    1. Good to get feedback Sue. I often wonder if I make sense LOL