Saturday, 29 August 2015

A Lavender State of Mind

You know how you get into a color mood? You go through phases of enjoying a certain hue. No? LOL OK....maybe it is just me. I love lavender in all shades, from periwinkle to plum. I even have my bedroom painted a dusty lavender, it's so relaxing. I saw a photo of these beautiful hyacinths and I just loved it. It became the inspiration for the Idyllic Collection.

So thank you "don terase" from Pixabay for the lovely inspiration! I love how that black really makes the colors stand out.
Idyllic Collection
Idyllic Papers
Idyllic Embellishments

You can see more details of this collection in my shop at Scrap Girls.
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Here are some layout ideas using the Idyllic Collection:
 There are a few good papers in the set for blendy type
layouts such as this adorable "relaxed kitty".
 Black and white photos stand out with this color 
 combo and are great for all kinds of layouts.
 This is my favorite paper in the collection (the layered book pages).
I can also see it used for some great art journaling type layouts.
This layout shows the 2 floral papers in the collection, which actually you would "think" do not go together at all. I even contemplated not including one because the styling was so different. But in some strange way they go when accented the right way and some of the other papers brought in for balance. I often envy those designers who can throw in an odd piece that makes a collection quirky. So I forced myself to let it go, so it's not a perfect match.... such is life. ;)

If you've been in a "color mood" lately, please post a comment! I like hearing what is inspiring you these days.



  1. My room is also painted lavender. I'm into fall shades right now, orange, red and yellow. This is a lovely collection, Brandy!

    1. Lavender is so relaxing isn't it? Thank you for your comment Marlene. Yes, it getting to be that time of year..I love fall shades, especially orange.