Saturday, 29 August 2015

A Lavender State of Mind

You know how you get into a color mood? You go through phases of enjoying a certain hue. No? LOL OK....maybe it is just me. I love lavender in all shades, from periwinkle to plum. I even have my bedroom painted a dusty lavender, it's so relaxing. I saw a photo of these beautiful hyacinths and I just loved it. It became the inspiration for the Idyllic Collection.

So thank you "don terase" from Pixabay for the lovely inspiration! I love how that black really makes the colors stand out.
Idyllic Collection
Idyllic Papers
Idyllic Embellishments

You can see more details of this collection in my shop at Scrap Girls.
Catch it while it's on sale this weekend at the introductory price!

Here are some layout ideas using the Idyllic Collection:
 There are a few good papers in the set for blendy type
layouts such as this adorable "relaxed kitty".
 Black and white photos stand out with this color 
 combo and are great for all kinds of layouts.
 This is my favorite paper in the collection (the layered book pages).
I can also see it used for some great art journaling type layouts.
This layout shows the 2 floral papers in the collection, which actually you would "think" do not go together at all. I even contemplated not including one because the styling was so different. But in some strange way they go when accented the right way and some of the other papers brought in for balance. I often envy those designers who can throw in an odd piece that makes a collection quirky. So I forced myself to let it go, so it's not a perfect match.... such is life. ;)

If you've been in a "color mood" lately, please post a comment! I like hearing what is inspiring you these days.


Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Breaking Down the Layout #9 + Retiring Products

Today I have a couple of things for you.... I finally have the requested tutorial on how to do the blinking lights with Junkyard Marquee. PLUS, I wanted to let you all know that it is that time of year to retire some older products in order to make room for new things in the store.

You have until the Aug 27th to grab anything out of that category you want before it's gone baby gone! Now, I will warn you, there are lots of products retiring. I, myself have close to 50. So let me give you a tip on going thru that long list....

If you would like to see only a certain designer's retiring products, go to the "Advanced Search" at the top right hand of the store. Click on it and a search window pops up. Where it says "Search in Category" Click on the drop down box and choose "Last Chance" it will be at the top of the list. Then you can choose which designer's products you want to see. You can even choose more than one by hold down the shift key and selecting the next designer. It will highlight in blue so you know you have chosen it.

OK, so now on to the tutorial I promised.... You can watch it here or CLICK HERE to watch it on my YouTube Channel. We'll be breaking down the effects of the following layout:

Breaking Down the Layout #9 Junkyard Marquee Blinking Lights

Have a fab week my friends!

Thursday, 20 August 2015

Brick Blenders + ScrapSimple Junkyard Marquee

Hello friends, as promised in last weeks blog post.. this week I have the ScrapSimple version of Junkyard Marquee that includes a commercial license for those wanting to make their own signage PLUS I have the new Brick Blenders Effects Kit.
Brick Blenders Effects Kit

  • 3 Assorted Brick Backgrounds
  • 8 Special Brick Blending Photoshop Styles
  • PLUS a Tips & Tricks Video Tutorial (WMV & QT Formats)
Note: Because of the special blending styles, this only works in Photoshop & Photoshop Elements.

 What is really fun about this set, is that are no "actions". You just add your photo or art on top and click on the style to have it adhere itself to the brick backgrounds. There are some little tricks to make some things stand out even better, so I included a "Tips & Tricks" video tutorial.

Make your own fun wall art using your own photos!
  How to get this effect is included in the video tutorial included in the Brick Blenders Effects Kit.
Mascots are painted on school building all over the country, you can now make your own.
Create beautiful blending effects using nature photos.
Perfect for Back to School Pages & Design Projects.
Photograph some cool art or graffiti? This is a great way to show it off!
Use it to create inspired photobook covers featuring your pages. Garden? Cookbook?

Get it now over the weekend while it is on SALE at it's intro price!

I also have the ScrapSimple version of the Junkyard Marquee Value Pack.  Make your own fun letters and sign using your own textures. (This set is available in PU/S4H & CU Licenses)
Value Pack: ScrapSimple Junkyard Marquee
There are lots of great fun metal textures on the web, try your hand at creating your own Junkyard Marquee set!

As with the original rust version this set includes:
  •  Mixed Alphabet (Letters A to Z)
  • Mixed Numbers & Some Punctuation (0-9)
  • 3 Lighting Photoshop Styles
  • 7 Assorted Signage Embellishments

These elements come in PSD & PNG file formats. Each one comes with separate bulbs so you can add whichever lighting style you'd like or leave them simple. They also come with separate shadows. In the PSD files, the bulbs are also separate and ready to take one of the styles. Each letter or number is approximately 2 inches at 300 DPI.

Great for carnival pages.
Interior design pages & projects. (I actually have that phrase in my house..LOL)
Leave them grey scale.
Change the sign & light colors.
Great for wedding pages too!
Go bold with your color!

Don't miss it at it's SALE  intro price!

   OK, so that is all for this week, I hope you enjoy it and have a wonderful weekend playing and creating new fun things. Until next time....


Saturday, 15 August 2015

Amazing Old Sign Marquee Set

Speaking of trends, I know you have seen these fun old marquee letters all over the place. I fell in love with them more after watching  Joanna Gaines on HGTV's Fixer Upper. I love her style and because I lived in Texas for so long, I related to it so much.

Fast forward to a couple of weeks ago. I had tried making this effect several times, but just couldn't get it right. Thanks to Angie & Debbie at ScrapGirls, who came to my rescue with some great inspiration images. This is the one that flipped some switch in my

It was an image from zulily & the image above shows me working on the set. Loved it, the rust was perfect! So now we have the whole set...

  • Mixed Alphabet (Letters A to Z)
  • Mixed Numbers & Some Punctuation (0-9)
  • 3 Lighting Photoshop Styles
  • 7 Assorted Signage Embellishments
These elements come in PSD & PNG file formats. Each one comes with separate bulbs so you can add whichever lighting style you'd like or leave them simple. They also come with separate shadows. In the PSD files, the bulbs are randomly pre-lit with some of the styles, however you can easily change them using the provided Photoshop Styles, or add styles from your own imaging program. Each letter or number is approximately 2 inches at 300 DPI.

PS... you can even remove the bulbs all together and just have a fun rust alpha set to play with.

Layout Inspiration:
Maybe this can give you some ideas on how to use them..... 
Create a title on your page.
Use it as a monogram or initial ;)
Create a "blinky" to grab interest.
 Be sure to stay tuned into the blog for a tutorial on how to create am animated layout using Junkyard Marquee. If you just can't wait, you can pick up some tips from another video tutorial I did using the same concept. You can find it here: Breaking Down the Layout 8 - Animated Layout Video Tutorial.

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Use the embellishment included to make some fun signs. just add your own text!
Since the set comes with some fun lighting styles, try using them on other things too, like the swirly brush in the layout above.

This set is on SALE at a special intro price this weekend of $7.99. So grab it at a great value before it ends.

Watch the blog and store next week for the ScrapSimple version of Junkyard Marquee that will include a commercial license AND a fun new blending set for brick! Here are some sneak previews:

 Until then... have a blessed weekend my friends!