Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Trending: Gold Accents

Gold accents on digital scrapbooking layouts and art journals has been the rage for a while now. But, it doesn't seem to be phasing out yet. I personally love a little added to my pages and graphics.

So I was playing with the Photoshop brushes one day and started kinda seeing what my wacom tablet would do with certain settings and I started just drawing little things & adding styles. When the gold came up, I thought.... Ooooo sparkly! LOL (Yes forever a little bit of a girly girl). I probably drew 20 or so patterns before selecting 9 of them for this fun set.

These come in a Photoshop Style set, but also come as 12x12 PNG Transparent files for those of you who don't use Photoshop. So you can still use them to get these fun effects in other imaging programs.

So...what can you do with them? Let me give you some ideas. Firstly, they were originally intended to overlay on top of an image, like a photo or a simple background. 

But they also look great if you use them on photomasks or brushes you may have in your supplies and take the fill down to zero. This makes whatever you are covering invisible, only leaving the pattern. Let me show you what I mean...

Here's a color block from the XOX Collection set behind the photo.

This has the striped gold style added to the block. But if you take the Fill in your layers palette down to zero, the block goes away only leaving the pattern.

 Here's the same principle applied to a background paper (also from the XOX Collection)

This sample uses SS Paper: Torn Paper Masks 2. Once you add the style to it and make the fill 0%
You get this....

So it's fun to use. These are available in Personal, S4H/Craft & Commercial Use Licenses.
ScrapSimple Tools - Styles: Gold Pattern Overlays
 This layout uses the zero fill trick, I just showed you above.
 On this sample, I used it on top of the photo and over typed out letters in different colors. (Font is Bebas)
This sample uses it as a background pattern over just plain color fills.

You might also like ScrapSimple Tools-Styles: Gold 8501. It's not exactly the same, but it blends well with the pattern styles as seen in the layout samples above.

So that is all for today kiddos, hope you have a fantastic week!

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