Friday, 31 July 2015

A Nautical Digital Scrapbooking Collection: Anchors

Nautical collections are great for the summer. Whether you are cruising, sailing, fishing, at the beach or on the lake. It is certainly a favorite past-time.
Anchors Collection Biggie
Anchors Collection Biggie

  • (16) nautical background papers with patters such as Ships, Whales, Maps, Anchors. shiplap, wood & other coordinating patterns and textures.
  • (3) 8.5X11 Pages of nautical embellishments. Special items include a porthole frame, fishing net, propeller, painted rowing oars, flags, anchors, crabs & lobsters plus much more.
  • (3) 8.5X11 Pages of nautical word art & titles
Paper Details

Anchors Embellishments
Anchors Word Art

I ran out of room in the kit for red stuff, so I added a little Nano Collection to be able to add some of those pretty colors. I also have a JIFFY album, which lets you either slide your own photos in, move stuff around or use it as a template for another kit. You can get all of the sets together for a discounted price in the Value Pack ......AND if you pick it up this weekend you can get an extra 35% OFF for the intro price. Now that is only available through the weekend so grab it before it sails away!
Anchors Nano Collection
Value Pack: Anchors
JIFFY Easy Page Album: Anchors

Of course, as soon as I finished the collection and had it linked up to the Scrap Girls store.... my sister sends me this photo from her "Mommy Getaway". So it's a last minute scrap, but I couldn't pass it up for our annual scrapbook! I adore my sister (the twins Mama) ...such a beauty inside & out.
This layout adds some of the red accents from the Nano Collection. Here you can see how it integrates into the main collection. I love a little pop of red!
 Duplicate embellishments to help fill your page without becoming too busy. This layout scatters oars over sun kissed decking. 
Don't let the bold patterns scare you. Using them as accents will give beautiful balance to your layouts.
 A few sea creature stamps are in the kit, 2 crabs and a lobster. I have added colors to them, but really they are meant to be changed to accent the page you are creating. Here I made the crabs grey to add a soft accent, without taking away from the photo or title.
 Simple is GOOD! If you are scrapping 8.5X11, then use this large frame as a page border and accent lightly with embellishments & a title.
I wanted to show that your layout doesn't even have to be nautical themed to make a fun page. I used the flag banners to mark the months in this Facebook Annual Review Layout.

I saw this idea somewhere and I guess it stuck. It's a scraplift & as soon as I figure out where I saw it, I'll give proper credit. It was a great idea!

It's a quick and easy way to highlight some great moments in your year. This layout is in the JIFFY album set, so just pop in your pics and go!

OK my maties, so that is all for today on the What's New front. I hope you have a great weekend. I am going out with friends for dinner tonight, I kinda feel like


Sunday, 26 July 2015

Mini Tutorial "Matte Photos"

If you look around the web these days, matte photos are everywhere. Matte style photos created in programs like Photoshop & Lightroom now mimic the original finishes used by printers & professional photographers for years. You have probably seen many of these type photos effects around lately and there are many tutorials on how to recreate the effect. So what is a matte photo?

Unlike glossy photos that have bright colors and higher contrasts, matte photos have desaturated colors and smoother contrasts. Often they can take on a slightly grainy appearance. In the printing world, matte photos are not glossy and the paper doesn't reflect light.

Let's take a look at the difference.

The left part of the photo is the original; bright and colorful. The right side has a matte effect applied to it. It almost gives it a more vintage feel.

So let's create this effect ourselves! Believe me there are tons of ways to achieve this effect and there are lots of variations in color too. But for today, let's keep it simple and learn the basics.

We will be creating this in Photoshop. Elements users can also easily follow along.

We will start with this photo....

The first thing we need to do is adjust the levels. To do this you want to place an adjustment layer above your photo. Click on the little half white and black circle at the bottom of your layers palette & choose "Levels".

Make these adjustments:

The middle grey slider on top is the "Midtone Slider" move it to the right. The bottom black slider is the Black Output level. Slide it also to the right. Each photo may be different so you may need to experiment a little.  Here's what is should look like:

Next we need to slightly desaturated the color. Again, click on the little half white and black circle at the bottom of your layers palette & this time choose "Hue/Saturation".

 Slide the Saturation slightly to the left. Mine is set at -15, but depending on how bright your colors are, you may need to slide it more.

Next if you want, you can add some "Noise" to your image. Create a new blank layer on top of all of your layers and fill it with white.

Next goto>Filter>Noise A window will pop up.

Tick the monochromatic box and slide your amount to about 195%. Then click on "OK" Change the blending mode of this layer to "Overlay" and reduce the opacity to around 10%. You may need to adjust this depending on your photo, but you want to keep the opacity low.

And here is our result!

You know I had to dress it up a  I stamped some script on it from my Brush Set: Handwriting 8501 and added a "Music" title. (font is Cherish)

I hope you try out this technique next time you are creating a layout. The effect makes great photos to use  as backgrounds, or to journal on.

Have a lovely week my darlins!

Saturday, 18 July 2015

Rattan Photoshop Styles: Great for Summer Layouts

Rattan is a great accent for summer scrapbooking layouts. I actually made them when I created the Nassau Collection last year and I used them on the alpha and some of the embellishments. I especially like to use it on fonts to make titles for my pages. The Rattan alpha from Nassau ended up being my favorite of the year.

You can use them as a 12x12 background, on fonts for titles, on custom shapes, make frames, stack them up in different colors.

This weeks new product ScrapSimple Tools - Styles: Rattan has 6 different colors and comes in styles that include shadows & without.
Photoshop Rattan Styles

Tip: Click on the layer style and change the pattern scale to 50% for a tighter weave.

If you would like to see this effect close up, then download the free Beach Title made with the Rattan Styles.

I hope you have a lovely weekend, talk to you all soon!

Friday, 10 July 2015

A Tropical Collection

There is nothing better than memories of family vacations at the beach or special trips to tropical places. It could be your local beach area, lake, a cruise or that dream vacation to the Caribbean, Hawaii or Tahiti.

This collection is a little more on the tropics side of the beach and I hope it helps you remember those special times.
Tropicana Digital Scrapbooking Collection

Embellishments included in the collection
Papers included in the collection

Word Art included in the collection

  • (10) background papers in a mix of tropical patterns and matching textures.
  • (2) 8.5X11 pages of coordinating embellishments with items such as tropical leaves, parrot, grasses, drink umbrella, seashells and more.
  • (2) 8.5X11 pages of coordinating painted Word Art Titles, wooden signs & fun word tags.
Layout Ideas
Beach Scrapbooking Layout by Brandy Murry
The kit includes a washed edge photomask to help you with blending photos over the papers.
Since the collection is so colorful, sometimes I like to use a Black & White photo to make it stand out.
Tropical Scrapbooking Layout by Brandy Murry
 You'll find a couple of rough mixed papers in the kit. It helps break up the page or patterns and give you some starting places for your photos and journaling.
Beach Scrapbooking Layout by Brandy Murry
One of my favorite embellishments in the kit is the swirl of white beach grass, It looks wonderful peaking out from under clusters and along the edges of your layouts.

Cruise Scrapbooking Layout by Brandy Murry
There are also 12 brush scripted titles for your pages. All of them are in a creamy white, but they are easily recolored to coordinate with other colors and pages. In the "Seashells" layout above, I changed the title color or a pretty sunset orange. Don't you love digital?

If you want to check out all the kits used to make the above layouts, just click on the image and you'll be dashed off to my ScrapGirls Shop. If you scroll down you will see a list complete with links for everything.

Want more beach type kits? You might like some of the following:
Click on the images to see the layout samples for each set.

Coastal Collection Biggie

Nassau Collection Biggie

Value Pack: Coastal Brushes

ScrapSimple Tools - Styles: Coastal Biggie

Value Pack: Coastal

I hope you have a wonderful weekend & if you are currently at the beach or some tropical getaway. Drink the margaritas slow ladies....