Monday, 4 May 2015

Painted Pops of Color

Back for a 2nd round is Different Strokes. Set #2 comes in papers and a set of Photoshop Styles.
Different Strokes was made especially to go with the Action Set: Silhouettes.  It gives you a fun painted look to clip to your silhouette or under it.


The Photoshop Styles are just patterns of the papers (not blended), so if you have one, you don't necessarily need the other. It's just up to you to choose what works best for you. You can use them with the Action Set: Silhouettes (Sold separately) or use them to overlay on template for an extra boost of artsy color. In the "Let them Eat Cake" layout above it was used under the silhouette and as an overlay to the flower template to give it a painted look.

ScrapSimple Tools - Styles: Different Strokes 2
Different Strokes 2 Paper Mini

The styles are great to also use on fonts for some colorful titles:

You can also add the styles (or papers) to brushes and masks for a pop.

Here is a close up of what the patterns look like:

Use them for accents and move them around for alternate color versions using the same pattern.
Here's a tip when overlaying over a template. Place the paper you want to use over the piece you want to color.  Clip it to your template (PSE: Control+G or PS Control+Alt+G) and change the blending mode to "Overlay" at 100%. Duplicate the Different Strokes  paper and change the blending mode of this paper to "Soft Light" and adjust the opacity. This makes your colors really pop!

For those of you who are designers, there is a Commercial License for the the Style Set so you can use them to create your own resale graphics. You can find it by using the drop down box on the License Option of the store page.

If you like these, you might also like the Original Different Stokes Paper Set.
The colors of this set are more subdued.

Different Stokes Paper

So that is what is new for this week, I hope you have fun creating some great pop art and (re)painting up your embellishments!

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