Friday, 6 February 2015

"Love Is" Collection

What is love to you? I think it can be many things to many people. Love can be what you feel for your husband or wife. Love can be the smile on a child's face, it could even be the love of something you enjoy, like making art with your photos or reading in a quiet place with a good cup of your favorite coffee. This collection is about archiving those things in a fun and artistic way. Whether it be who you love or what you love.

Love Is Collection
All layout by Me ;)
I had lots of inspirations for this set, this was my mood board:

It came from all over the web. From,,,,,

I loved the pink and black together, it was such a strong contrast with the creamer colors. These are a few of my favorite pieces in the collection....

The paint mask are fun because you can use then behind clusters or as Photomasks. The vellum alpha is more for a soft effect rather than an in your face option. It doesn't work on every paper, but the ones it does, it looks really beautiful. The flowers were painted by me using the Ultimate Artist Action and I used them in a few places in the kit.

The buttons were inspired by an old Somerset Life magazine that I have dog-eared to death.

I hope you enjoyed peeking behind the scenes a bit. If you get a chance you really should pop over to some of the inspiration sites.... you might be inspired too!

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