Friday, 27 February 2015

New Brushes for Ultimate Artist & Video Preview

Introducing a new set of 6 Dynamic Sketch and Paint Photoshop Brushes for the Ultimate Artist Action Pack.  

Dynamic Brush Set: Ultimate Artist 2

Dynamic Brush Set: Ultimate Artist 2

 Grab it this weekend at the intro price of $2.88 USD

This set includes 6 new Photoshop Brushes for the Ultimate Artist Action Pack. Watercolor, Watercolor Splotch, Scratch, Scribble, Mist, & Splatter.

I know a couple of you had problems with the original watercolor brush with some of the new tablets that came out after Ultimate Artist was released. You'll be happy to know that the new brushes were tested by users who had previous trouble and they worked just fine.  So thank you Valerie & Pat!

If you can't see the video preview, you can click HERE to see it on my YouTube Channel

Here are the Special Add-On Actions for Ultimate Artist as mentioned in the video. "Start Over" & "Clear Texture".
"Sketchbook" digital sketch layout by Brandy Murry includes the following products:

What is Ultimate Artist? It's an Art action set is very different from the others, as it is interactive and allows you to control the sketch or painting. Impress your family and friends with your new artistic abilities and all you need to know how to do is scribble or color as you were coloring in a coloring book. Get your kids involved, it is easy for them too!

Ultimate Artist is sold separately. You can get it here: Action Pack: Ultimate Artist.

Layout Samples
About a Boy digital sketch by Brandy Murry
Postcard digital painting by Brandy Murry
Dreams digital sketch by Brandy Murry

I hope you have a great weekend and enjoy!

Saturday, 21 February 2015

What Would Your Books Say About You?

Often as I am browsing the web I grab images that appeal to me, some are decor, some fashion and some just random things. Even of they don't relate to story telling or scrapbooking, I still keep them for inspiration for layouts, other graphic design work and well... just because they are pretty to look at! Such is the case with how these simple book cover templates came to be.
ScrapSimple Embellishment Templates: Bookcovers
 This set of 6 books is available in a Personal Use & Commercial Use version.  The inspiration came for a layout from this photo from One King's Lane

Can you look at this and tell something about the person who put it together? I think you can. I thought "what a cool way to tell something about yourself without photos!" I decided to give it a go.....
Add Layout uses SS Bookcovers & Love Is Collection

Think about it...if you didn't know me, could you tell a little something about me by looking at this layout?

Layout uses SS Bookcovers & Asian Beauty Collection

This layout by Joyce Schardt begins to tell about her trip to China and would be great for an into into her photobook about her wonderful vacation.

Layout uses SS Bookcovers & Flights of Fancy Collection
 This layout by Amy Flanagan tells about what is currently going on in her life. Right away I can tell she loves birds, enjoys family & hosts exchange students.

And there are other things you could use them for... what about the bedtime story you are reading your kids? Or a guest book for a wedding or baby shower?

What Katy Did by Susan Coolidge available at Amazon

I hope this set may inspire you to tell more about yourself in your scrapbooks, art journals and photobooks.

Have a fabulous weekend! Ciao for now....

Tuesday, 10 February 2015

99¢ Special

There is a little special going on today... for ONLY ONE can pick up this little 99¢ Add-On to the Love Is Collection over at Scrap Girls.

PS...look in the What's New Section of the shop for this special set. 
OK...back to your regular programming....

Friday, 6 February 2015

"Love Is" Collection

What is love to you? I think it can be many things to many people. Love can be what you feel for your husband or wife. Love can be the smile on a child's face, it could even be the love of something you enjoy, like making art with your photos or reading in a quiet place with a good cup of your favorite coffee. This collection is about archiving those things in a fun and artistic way. Whether it be who you love or what you love.

Love Is Collection
All layout by Me ;)
I had lots of inspirations for this set, this was my mood board:

It came from all over the web. From,,,,,

I loved the pink and black together, it was such a strong contrast with the creamer colors. These are a few of my favorite pieces in the collection....

The paint mask are fun because you can use then behind clusters or as Photomasks. The vellum alpha is more for a soft effect rather than an in your face option. It doesn't work on every paper, but the ones it does, it looks really beautiful. The flowers were painted by me using the Ultimate Artist Action and I used them in a few places in the kit.

The buttons were inspired by an old Somerset Life magazine that I have dog-eared to death.

I hope you enjoyed peeking behind the scenes a bit. If you get a chance you really should pop over to some of the inspiration sites.... you might be inspired too!