Friday, 12 December 2014

Custom Gift Ideas + Silver & Gold Tinsel Styles

Can't think of the perfect gift for someone special? How about creating a set of custom wall decor framed art? Just use what you already have in your digital scrapbooking stash to make a beautiful custom set that goes perfect with any decor..because you made it that way!

Use your digital scrapbooking papers alone or add Photos, Initials or words to make something truly special this year! You can pick up some great little frames, print your papers at home and "ta-da" a very special gift!

Papers above come from the following collections:
Value Pack: Madison County
Orange Blossom Collection
Nassau Collection
A La Mode Collection
Summer Cottage Collection &
Calico Collection

Also this week, I went about trying to create a style that looked like the old fashioned icicle tinsel we used to hang on our Christmas trees.... remember that? Remember what a mess it was if it got tangled in the carpet? Well I think I have it!

These styles are designed to mimic old fashioned foil icicle tinsel & work best on thin items, text or as design accents. You can use them as they are or change the blending modes for a sparkle to your dimensional elements. With this set you get 4 Silver and 4 Gold styles.

A Commercial Use version of this product is available
ScrapSimple Tools - Styles: Tinsel 8501 - Commercial License
ScrapSimple Tools - Styles: Tinsel

Other News

ScrapSimple Tools - Styles: Tinsel is on sale this weekend for $2.80

Don't forget to check my Facebook Fan Freebie section, I've added a new paper that uses last weeks Background Blenders 6 plus Shabby Bakery. It might be nice for those holiday baking pages.

Also on the website are special Christmas sections for products and layout ideas. If you get a moment check it out.

 OK whew... Hope I didn't forget anything. I hope this week finds you warm & happy! Right now it is downright blustery here in The Netherlands.... so off for another cup of my favorite coffee!

Happy Holidays Everyone!

Saturday, 6 December 2014

Background Blenders 6 + a Free Paper Sample

It was about time for another set of Background Blenders. So this week I have Background Blenders 6, a new washed blender effect for your digital scrapbooking layouts and art journals. These came about when I was working on some papers for a new collection and I thought it would be great for blending photos too.

This set is also available in a commercial use version. See ScrapSimple Paper Templates: Background Blenders 6 - Commercial License.
ScrapSimple Paper Templates: Background Blenders 6
When I work on a set like this, I first try and make sure it works in real application. Sometimes it can look really cool just looking at the layers, but fails to really "work" when you start adding papers and photos. These were the 9 best of many many tries. After getting all the pieces, I went about testing them & that is where the 6 samples came into play (see them below). I also included 6 layered PSD files which were taken directly from the 6 samples layouts. (It'll give you a head start).
Color Run digital scrapbooking layout by Brandy Murry
This sample uses 1 photo and a couple of thin color bands. The turquoise colors bands give you a great spot for a title or some journaling.
Times Square digital scrapbooking layout by Brandy Murry
There are actually 7 blenders and 2 bands. One of the bands goes across a 12 page like the black one above under the title. The other band doesn't touch the other side allowing you to make it shorter if necessary.
Ballet digital scrapbooking layout by Brandy Murry
To see everything I used to make these layouts, there is a list in the boutique at the bottom in the long description with links if you are seeing something and want to take a closer look.
Super Hero digital scrapbooking layout by Brandy Murry
This layout of Wesley uses the Blenders with the papers, while one is set in the overlay blending mode to give you the lighter streaks of blue. (PS the text is a family inside joke kinda.... Wes was infatuated with the number 78 for a long time. We don't know why, but it was 78 dragons this and I could eat 78 pancakes, etc.... my sister Jess asked me to find a way to get it into the scrapbook & this was the result.)
Cranes digital scrapbooking layout by Brandy Murry
This particular layout is good for when you have a good bit of journaling and the bands make way for the title.
Northern Italy digital scrapbooking layout by Brandy Murry
 I loved the alpine feel the photo mixed with the wood gave. I kept adding embellishments to this layout over and over and then took them off. Hey, generally I'm a clusterer! (ummm I don't think that is a So I decided to give these layouts a more clean graphic look. It was a nice change and they all came together so fast.

Free Paper Sample

Here is a free paper sample I did using ScrapSimple Paper Templates: Background Blenders 6 and Shabby Bakery. You can also find it on my Facebook Page under Fan Freebies.
Just click on the image above or click HERE. to download it to your computer.

I hope you have a great weekend!