Sunday, 9 November 2014

An Amazing Google Tool

Today I had to answer some questions about the Club Selection Botanical for Scrap Girls Blog. We always need to give the photo credits for any images we use in the article. I always forget to save the source urls because most of the time I see something that is inspiring on the Internet and I add it to my inspiration file not thinking about. UNTIL I need to show the original images and give credit.

So after searching for one particular image on Google for over an hour, I finally typed in "how to find images on the Internet" to see if there was some site that had some insight on how to do a better job of this. Then wham bam.... I saw a page that talked about Reverse Image Searches.. YES! This was what I was looking for...someone has a secret to share with me and make my life easier.

Well... come to find out, it was there all along, I just didn't know it. THANK YOU Google!
So here's how to find the sources for all those images you saved for inspiration, whether it be for a design idea or a layout.

So you see that little camera on the right of where you type in what you are searching for...well CLICK ON IT.

Click on the "Upload an image", then "Browse" & navigate to the image on your computer you want to find. Then a couple of seconds all the places this image is posted pops up and you can find the source.

I was thinking well...what if I changed the name of the image..could Google still find it?? So I did an experiment and changed the name of one of the resource images and tried again.. IT WORKED!

So then I thought..well what if I copied the image into a new document and then renamed it (So it wasn't the original image file) Would it work? IT WORKED!

So then I thought...what if the size was different than the original & I changed the background color. This might happen if you were creating a mood board or something like that and you deleted the original file. OK I was really pushing Google's capabilities here. Ummm well... IT WORKED! WOW!

It was a happy dance at my house. So give it a try and know it's there if you should ever need it.

I never knew about this did you?? Tell me I wasn't the only one in the dark.

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