Monday, 13 January 2014

Lost in Alphas: Favorites from Past Years

I was thinking the other day how often alpha sets get lost in the collections. I stopped selling them individually a few years ago. The reason was that no one ever bought them separately. I'd sell tons of kits and 2 alpha sets...LOL It was a lot of work to get it ready for the store as an individual item.

But in the mean time, they don't get too much of a chance to shine. It's so easy to grab a font, color it or add a style (Yes, I do it too), but an designed alphabet can really add a special pop to layouts. Also they are really fun to mix for some stand-out titles to your pages. I decided to go look through all of my alpha sets and place one letter of each on a 12x12 sheet and save it (them) so when I am looking for that perfect mix or title for my pages, I can scan through them without having to go through all the collection folders.
To make it even easier to find, I used my Windows search program to quickly find them for my sheets.  I pulled up the search box and typed in _A.png Most alpha sets will end this way or -A.png.

I highlighted all the A's and dragged them onto my sheet to arrange.  OK, so I've been doing this 7+ years and I have A LOT of alpha sets.  So I picked out a few of my favorites to show you. In the mean time, I had a chance to see all the ones I've forgotten about.

Here's the list of where these fun alphabets can be found:

From the "Brandy's" title above:
B. Shabby Bakery R. Madison County A. Merrick N. Brocade Chipboard Alpha D. Menagerie Y1: 19 Hearts Alpha Gold Y2: Periodic Table Alpha (Apos): Blue S: Classmates

A. Winter’s Kiss B. Shabby Blanc C. Twiggy Alpha C2. Jingleberry D. One Yellow Paper E. 19 Hearts F. Outdoor Life G. Cottage Christmas H. Dinner Party I. Cottage Christmas J. Junk in the trunk K. Cottage Rose L. Chambray M. Heritage N. ScrapSimple Alpha: Bent O. Blue P. Children’s Classic Q. B. Sweet R. Nassau S. Venue T. Cottage Rose T2. La Di Da U. Hello Baby V. Bon Appetit W. Classmates W2. Petals X. Old Hollywood Y. Heritage Z. Autumn Jewel

These are taken from the past few years and I have several favs. But I will say that my favorite alpha set from 2013 was the rattan alpha in Nassau.
I think the reason I liked it so much was that it was so versatile.  It crossed gender, could go country, shabby or modern. And it seems to look good on every paper.

So I hope this inspires you to check through your alpha stash and maybe even make a mixed signature for your gallery and message board posts!

Thanks everyone..have a great week!

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