Friday, 24 January 2014

Great Layout Helpers + ScrapGirls Freebies

There are some new layout helpers in the Boutique at ScrapGirls for me this week. Firstly, I have been lovin the effects of the Lighting Overlays and really.... I just wanted some more variety to play with on my pages. This means you get to play too! ;)  So I have ScrapSimple Paper Templates: Lighting Effects 3 Biggie.

This is a set of 9 lighting overlays for your digital scrapbooking layouts. Simply add them to the top layer of your layout and change the blending mode to "Overlay" to add some fun highlights to your layouts. These work great over whole layouts, papers or photos.

Here are examples of what each look like over a layout:

I also have some Wood Styles I have been holding onto ever since Menagerie came out.

Wood is very trendy these days and these are great for adding a real wood touch to your embellishments, titles and even as backgrounds.

This is a set of 9 Photoshop Wood Styles in various finishes. You'll find Pine, Oak, Barnwood, Walnut, Painted and Whitewashed. Some are rustic finishes and some are smooth furniture type finishes. You are are sure to find one that fits your digital scrapbooking and craft needs.

Most patterns are not seamless, however the patterns are 12x12 inches. You can use them as backgrounds or to accent titles and embellishments.

Both of these are on sale until tomorrow at 35% OFF! So right now, both of these are under $3. 

Scrap Girls Freebie Page

Have you ever had a change to check out the freebie page at Scrap Girls? It changes all the time and each free item (except the current collections) are only available for a couple of days so grab them while you can!

If you ever wondered why I don't offer more freebies on my blog, it's because with every product I make, I also make a free item for Scrap Girls customers. These go into a rotation to be handed out with the Scrap Girls Newsletter each day. If you don't want to ever miss one, you can sign up for the Scrap Girls Newsletter and get a new one 5 days a week!  You can sign up HERE. Look at the top right hand corner of the home page.

This a the current free collection. You can find more items by visiting the free section of the Scrap Girls Boutique!

There are lots of new changes coming in 2014 for Scrap Girls, so hang on to your mouses!  Until then, have a fab weekend!


  1. Lovely as ever! Just looking at your artistic creation makes me happy. So inspiring!

    1. Thank you for taking a moment to comment Victoria! It's such a nice thing to see in my inbox ;)

  2. Love, love, love the lighting effects, Brandy! Thank you for sharing your talented designs, as well as for providing the inspiration, tools, and instruction to help us all achieve the nirvana of seeing our own creative ideas come to fruition on the page. You are just the bestest!

  3. Thank you Jaymee. I am glad to help and love seeing everything ya'll come up with. It is inspiring for me as well.

  4. Well, don't you know that I had to get these as well. Yes indeed, you are one talented gal Brandy!