Thursday, 29 August 2013

"Classmates" a Back to School Collection + Blog Freebie

It's that time of year to pack up or little ones (or big ones) and send them back to school. A sad time for some moms & dads or a joyous one! ;) But either way we all want to scrap those times because they are so fleeting. Before you know it, they'll be off to college and on their own.

 So this week I have a collection of school digital scrapbooking products called "Classmates". The set is a modern style in a color palette I really love! It theme ranges from primary to high school. But can be used for any grade. The twins are in Pre-K and I used it for a few of theirs too.

Classmates comes in a value pack. You can get all 4 products and save some money or you can get them individually in the ScrapGirls Boutique.

Here is a closer look:

The Classmates digital scrapbooking Collection is a modern styled school collection. This collection covers a wide range from just starting school thru high school.

This collection includes the following:

Some fun embellishments in this collection are the semi transparent circles, they have texture like vellum and can be used as shown above or as photo-masks like in the layout below of Lilly at Dance School.

This layout shows off both alpha sets included in the collection Biggie and Value Pack. One is an outline wire alpha in off white, while the other is a pressed alpha in fuchsia. By "pressed" I mean that it is indented to look like it is pressed into the paper underneath. You will find this effect in all of the large word art titles as well.

Here is the sample of using those circles as photo-masks. I just set the blending mode to overlay and the pink showed through. Then I also clipped one of the overlays from the paper mini on top of the photo and lowered the opacity.

The collection includes a blackboard paper. I intentionally didn't make it too "chalky" so you have a cleaner version of a very popular background.  I did the "Back to School" to mimic chalk to give you an idea of some of the fun things you can do with this paper.

This sample is from the Jiffy Album, but the pie chart is included in the Collection as well. Even though they may seem smaller in the Marketing Graphic for the Embellishments, don't let that fool you. (I was running out of space lol) They are actually fairly large. The pie charts in the collection and embellishment biggie come with photo-masks (where you see Wes & the Journaling) while in the Jiffy Album, each pc of the chart is separate so you can use it as a template for other types of layouts.

What is a Jiffy Album? A Jiffy Album is a set of 5 pre-made professional digital scrapbooking layouts. The layers are not merged together. This allows you to customize the layout for your own scrapbook. The 5 layouts come in a layered Photoshop PSD file, as well as PNG files for those of you who use other imaging programs.

Essentially you can use them to quickly create professional looking pages in a "Jiffy" or use them as templates to create your own version of the designer layout. When you need layouts in a Jiffy, this is the set you want!

This is one of the layout samples for the 12x12 Jiffy Album. Each pc is separate so you can use it as as-is or as a template for other types of layouts. One thing I like about it is that the triangles are separated slightly allowing your background to show through if needed. Or as in the layout above, the white gives it a nice clean look. This is great for all the "extra" photos you have left over or small phone pictures.


 A set of 6 digital scrapbooking transparent images and patterns to overlay over your photos and existing papers for some fun modern effects. Just clip these on top and change the blending modes or transparencies for a pop of style. You'll find 3 school photo transparencies (classroom, chalkboard and lockers) 1 diagonal stripe and 2 alpha overlays.

This layout shows one of the alpha type overlays. These are in an off white that matches the collection, but you could change it to black before overlaying for a darker effect. I kept them in white because it looks nice against the papers in the collection. For this one, I just lowered the opacity of the overlay and cut it off to match the edge of this half and half paper.

This layout shows the diagonal stripe overlay which I kept wanting to use over and over again. I had to stop myself, LOL. It adds a fun graphic effect to any photo or just added over a solid color like above. This layout used one of the Jiffy Album templates (or one of the papers you can cut out yourself) I duplicated the layout and added it to a new document, decreasing the size to get this squared off effect.

 Have fun spelling ANY word with this set of periodic table alphas. Every element in the table is included along with a few fictional elements that allow you to take on any word. Some pre-made school related words are included to get you started.

There are a few online sites that will help with spelling words with the periodic table. But one of them has fictional elements that fit well with my own. The speller is called It helped me tons while making samples.

While this is a sample for the Periodic Table Alpha Biggie, It is also included in the Jiffy Album. Like the triangles, it offers a clean graphic layout. Each pc is separate like the others so you can have fun.

Oh....and one more thing I almost forgot!

Also last week I got so busy I didn't get a chance to show you some fun paper templates that I put in the Boutique called "Fusion". A bit different from Background Blenders because with the exception of 1, they have a harder edge rather than the softer blend, but they are fun and easy to use.

Easily fuse together papers and photographs into interesting custom backgrounds for your digital scrapbooking layouts. Some backgrounds have more than one layer and come in PNG and PSD files.

This layout shows the only softer template. I used the top layer as a photomask and added a grunge style to the lower one. But it also looks great used too fuse 3 papers together if you are making a background paper.

This layout used the templates to create a unique blended paper. I used papers from this months Club Selection: Altered Life by Syndee Nuckles. It's a fun art journal type kit that I loved. I rarely get to use other designers things, but using templates allows me to play too.

The final layout uses the templates as both, a photo-mask and to fuse paper together. It creates a cool effect that I can see being used for more masculine layouts. Often times we girls get carried away with our flowers and such (OK I can't help it sometimes) so I wanted to have something that can be used in a more "guy friendly" way.

If you like these and want to see them in the boutique, just click on any of the images to be taken there. In the store you will have the links to any other products used to make the samples in case you wanted to know.

Thank you so much for checking out my lil ole blog. Here is a little gift that coordinates with the new collection. Just click on the image above and you'll be taken to Photobucket. On the right side of the page you'll see  this:

Just click on "Download" to save it to your computer.

I hope that helps get some creative juices going for you. I am sure you can come up with some really awesome layouts. Back to more coffee and work for me! Until next time, have a wonderful weekend!


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