Sunday, 28 April 2013

Queen's Day in the Netherlands

In celebration for Queen's Day in the Netherlands (April 30th), enjoy this fun set of 12 old chipped digital scrapbooking crown charms in various colors. Perfect for an added touch of color to your layouts.

This year (2013) is quite special as Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands will abdicate her throne in favor of her son Prince Willem Alexander. This charm set was made in memory of the occasion.  Use them for the royalty in your family.

Old Crown Charms Embellishments by Brandy Murry

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When I saw these pictures of Lilly with her bear having her tea party, it reminded me of a time when I also loved a bear. That bear was named "Honey"..I know real original right? LOL Those times were certainly much simpler than having to be all grown up. As kids all we want to do is get big, but when we get there often times we wish we could go back, even for just a little while. I hope one day when Lilly is grown up, this will mean a little more to her than just a cute crown on her bear.

Feel free to use the poem in your personal scrapbooks.

 When My Bear was the King  
Looking back and remembering,
Seems like almost a dream.
To a time in my childhood
When my bear was the king.

Neither one of us perfect,
A tattered spot here and there.
I loved hard the crowned ruler,
That I called my bear.

Secrets, tea parties and
Books that we read.
And not once did you judge,
As you ruled from my bed.

I want to go back to
No worries or strife.
I want to go back
To the king in my life.

Now that I'm grown
I still like to dream...
My favorite memory is
When I was little &
my bear was the king.

Brandy Murry © 2013

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Happy Queen's Day!

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