Friday, 5 October 2012

New 2013 Blender Calendar Templates

The new ScrapSimple Calendar Templates: Blenders are now available in the boutique. Originally these were going to be available after the next collection, but I got a few requests asking for them, so I decided to push them forward so you can get started on yours now. 

ScrapSimple Calendar Templates: Blenders is a set of 2013 templates that allow you to blend your favorite photos into the backgrounds. The set is a large format of 11x17. You can have these printed in full format or printed in (2) 8.5 X 11 Sheets.

These make a wonderful gift for your family and friends.

ScrapSimple Calendar Templates: Blenders includes all 12 months in PSD and drag and drop PNG format. Holidays are added separately so you can remove the ones your family doesn't observe, a blank holiday square in each template for adding your own special events, journaling/quotation spots & pre-made month titles that you can use or remove to add your own favorite fonts and alphas. You can customize the complete calendar by removing some items and adding your own.

 Commercial License available for this product HERE.

Some great ideas for your calendar can be:
  • Your Favorite Photos
  • Your Favorite Recipes
  • Your Favorite Quotes
  • Your Favorite Layouts

The templates are simple and not overly complicated so that you can use your imagination to create something unique for your family.

October 2013 Calendar Sample by Brandy Murry
May 2013 Calendar Sample by Brandy Murry
September 2013 Calendar Sample by Brandy Murry

June 2013 Calendar Sample by Brandy Murry

Easily create the cover for your calendars by using the top half of any of the templates.
Or just use your favorite of any of the months you created already like the sample above.

Curling Leaves Embellishments and ScrapSimple Templates

My Sweet New Jeans digital scrapbooking layout by Brandy Murry

Click on any of the images to be taken to the store to see them a little closer or to see the list of all the products used to make them. The lists are complete with links, making it easy for you to find the items.


I hope you all have a wonderful weekend, it's blustery here in The Netherlands and starting to get cold. Brrrrr..Coffee time for me! So until next time.....scrap on! 


  1. Gorgeous calendar templates Brandy! Hope you are keeping well :) Take care Sonia x

  2. I am wondering if someone can help me figure out how to print the calendar pages in two 8X10 files? I worked on my calendar all weekend and emailed to the printer this morning and they can't print the files the way I have them. Help :)

    1. No problem I can help you, I usually do it this way: I'm using CS6 so it may be a little different, but let's give it a go!

      1. Select your square marquee tool on your left hand tool palette. A the top you can set the parameters.

      2. There is a drop down box at the top when you have this tool selected. Click on it and choose "FIXED SIZE"
      Then change the width to 11 and the height to 8.5 Inches (You may want to actually type "in" after the number just in case your Photoshop is set up for pixels instead of inches.)

      3. Now click on your layout and slide the square to the top.

      4. Goto Edit (At the top)
      5. Copy Merged
      6. Next click on FILE (at the top)
      7. Then "New"
      8. When the window pops up hit OK (the computer knows you just copied something to the clipboard)

      9. Now hit paste in the new document & save it as something like Oct-Top

      Go back to your original and slide the square to the bottom until you see/feel it lock in place.
      Repeat steps 4-9 and save the bottom.

      I hope that helps! Let me know if you run into any trouble.

    2. Thank you very much, that worked perfectly!!!

  3. I am wondering if you are planning on doing a template for 2014 and if so when it might be ready? I need to complete a 2014 calendar by the middle of Aug. and your templates make it so much easier and nicer :)


    1. Julie, I am sure you got a note from Angie, but just to make sure, the 2014 blender calendar templates are now available here:

      Have fun!