Saturday, 23 June 2012

USA Templates PLUS US States, Europe & Australia Custom Shapes

I have this "to-do" list. It shrinks, it grows, but it is always changing. These have been on that list for some time (more than a year). The Continental US Template is great for recording travel, places you have lived or places your family and friends live.  I chose to show some of our wonderful ScrapGirls across the USA.

Use this template to make a background for your layout.       

I  have the US States and Europe-Australia chipboard like embellishments in the Boutique already, but these are custom shapes. Custom shapes are great because you can enlarge them to full paper size and not lose any quality. This way you can do what you like with them. Get creative! 

 Use the shapes to make journaling areas for your layout.
 Use them as photo masks on your digital scrapbooking layouts or as the cover for your photobooks.

  Use them as embellishments, just clip your coordinating papers to them.

 Use them to show interaction between you and people in other places in the world.

I hope you have a fantastic weekend!
As can click on any of the images to be taken to the store to see them a little closer or to see the list of all the products used to make them. The lists are complete with links, making it easy for you to find the items.


  1. Brandy, thank you for using my pic to represent Maine --- that is so cool!

    1. You are our "Maine" ScrapGirl Sherry! ;) Glad you saw that, it was a fun layout to put together. (& a good geography lesson too!)

  2. I realize that my comments are off subject, but I just had to let you know what I just received in a newsletter from another digital scrapping site. The designer, very competent and professional, designed some new masks and layered layout templates. When her CTs asked what she wanted them to do with the new collection, she referred them to your ScrapGirl blending Utube videos. I followed the link. A quote from her CTs and her exact response. "Great, how do they work??? LOL 'Don't worry' I replied, 'I have the perfect tutorial to help you out'and here it is."

    Now will you truly believe that your designs and blending techniques are truly grand, while your videos are top notch and visually defined. I said that you were/are the greatest. Listen to this older and wiser learner, OWL.

    By the way, I purchased your Action Pack_ Ultimate Artists in March. I am currently using PSE-8. Have a happy 4th of July holiday.

    1. Listen to this older and wiser learner, OWL...LOL Love that!

      Wow what a neat thing to hear..thank you for letting me know. We were on vacation and just got back last night so sorry for the late response. I hope it helped them. ;)

  3. It did, the proof is in their latest newsletter with her Boos.