Friday, 1 June 2012

Countryside Collection

It's time to kick off our summer scrapbooks with layouts about summertime in the country. Remember all the fun times spent with family rather it be driving through the Countryside on a warm, summer afternoon or sitting around on the porch sipping lemonade? The Countryside digital scrapbooking collection set in a neutral palette of off white, soft green, kiwi green, teal, gold and browns. is the perfect collection for documenting all these memories for your family. 

 The Countryside Collection is the June Club at ScrapGirls. An amazing value at just $9.99 if you are not a club member or you can purchase all of the items separately.

Join Scrap Girls Monthly Club to get all of the newest looks while saving money! Each month, you'll receive both the printable and the digital versions of these great items:
  • 1 Collection Biggie (16 backgrounds, 1 alphabet, 2 word art sets, and 3 embellishment sheets)
  • 1 Paper Super Mini
  • 1 Sheet of Word Art
  • 1 Embellishment Set
  • Jif 6 Plus Kit
  • 1 Bonus Designer's Choice Item
If you bought all of these items individually, your cost would be $28.22. However, if you join the Scrap Girls monthly club, your cost will only be $9.99!

BUT THERE'S MORE! When you join the Scrap Girls club, you will receive special Members-Only content that is not available elsewhere in the Boutique!

The value of this extra content is $12.65 or more - which is more than the club itself!
This means that club members will receive at least $40.87 in value for just $9.99!

So if you are not already a member you should check it out! 

See everything in this preview video in under 3 minutes.

So here's the new stuff.....
Countryside Digital Scrapbooking Collection
Countryside Digital Scrapbooking Alpha & Word Art (Collection Only)

Countryside Digital Scrapbooking Embellishments

Countryside Digital Scrapbooking Papers

Countryside Paper Details
Digital Scrapbooking Framed Chalkboard Embellishments

Countryside Digital Scrapbooking Big Titles
Countryside Digital Scrapbooking Definitions

Countryside Digital Scrapbooking Zoom Pages

Countryside Digital Scrapbooking Painted Backgrounds

“Sweet Twins” by Brandy Murry
“Camping Trip” by Brandy Murry
“Camping Trip” by Brandy Murry (left side)
“Camping Trip” by Brandy Murry (right side)
“Texas Countryside” by Brandy Murry
“On The Go” by Brandy Murry

“Life's Little Moments” by Brandy Murry
“Together” by Brandy Murry
“Together” by Brandy Murry (left side)
“Together” by Brandy Murry (left side)

“On The Road” by Brandy Murry
“Summertime Memories” by Brandy Murry
“My Heart Belongs to You” by Brandy Murry

“Vacation Memories” by Brandy Murry
“Two Precious Loves” by Brandy Murry
“Ch√Ęteau de Chenonceau” by Brandy Murry

Click on any of the images to be taken to the store to see them a little closer or to see the list of all the products used to make them. The lists are complete with links, making it easy for you to find the items.
I hope you have a grand weekend!


  1. Brandy - your work is sooo stunning and inspiring! I love this collection! I am just starting on creating video presentations. Could you share which programs you used to make your video? I have powerpoint 2010 and Roxio creator 2012 - but your video seems to have much more capability.

    1. I use a company called Animoto for my videos. I have the commercial version and you can get that too for professional video imaging or if it's just for your family there is a personal version.

      Thank you for being so sweet! I am glad you like the collection!