Thursday, 22 March 2012

Shabby Bakery is added to the Shabby Blanc Collection

Following in the footsteps of Shabby Blanc are two new coordinating collections called Shabby Bakery and Shabby Bakery Recipe Cards. Perfect for scrapbooking your recipes, cookbooks and memories of the precious time you spend with your children. The Shabby Bakery Collection will help you remember those most precious to your heart.

Shabby Bakery Digital Scrapbook Collection

Shabby Bakery Digital Scrapbooking Embellishment Biggie

Shabby Bakery Digital Scrapbooking Paper Biggie

Shabby Bakery Paper Details

Shabby Bakery Alpha and Word Art (Available only with the Collection)

Shabby Bakery Digital Scrapbooking Recipe Cards

Recipe for Happiness digital scrapbooking layout by Brandy Murry

Peek Inside My Shabby Home digital scrapbooking layout by Brandy Murry
Milk and Cookies digital scrapbooking layout by Brandy Murry

Baking with the Children digital scrapbooking layout by Brandy Murry (Click on the image to go to the Boutique and see this layout larger)

Blueberry Muffins digital scrapbooking layout by Brandy Murry

Pecan Pie digital scrapbooking layout by Brandy Murry
Click on any of the images to be taken to the store to see them a little closer or to see the list of all the products used to make them. The lists are complete with links, making it easy for you to find the items.

So...cupcakes anyone?? Save some for me!


  1. I LOVE this, Brandy... how did you know my granddaughter getting married is graduating Culinary Arts this spring and BAKING is her specialty and favorite thing to do? I can see a cookbook of her favorite recipes getting to her by August! Thank you!

  2. Thank you Barb! That would be a wonderful gift wouldn't it? I hope to get to see some of it. I need to do a family cookbook myself.

  3. What a fabulous collection! I love everything you create and each one just Wows me! Thanks Brandy!

  4. Thank you Brenda you are so sweet!

  5. Brandy ... who's the artist in your preview video? I tried using Shazam with no luck! Sounds like Brandi Carlile. Thx much. -Katherine

    1. It's Abbey Payne — "Everything"

      That is my favorite song of all the ones I've used. I'd use it over and over again if I could!

    2. Thanks much. It's a fantastic song.