Friday, 27 January 2012

Hang on to your paintbrush!

You have never seen an action set like this!
This Art action set is very different from the others, as it is interactive and allows you to control the sketch or painting. Impress your family and friends with your new artistic abilities and all you need to know how to do is scribble or color as you were coloring in a coloring book. Get your kids involved, it is easy for them too!

Action Pack: Ultimate Artist
This Action Pack is designed to work with the popular software programs Adobe Photoshop CS Versions and Adobe Photoshop Elements 9 & 10 ONLY.

Watch It in Action here: 

      Included in the Ultimate Artist Package:
    • 3 Actions (Color, Sepia & Black & White)
    • 3 Art Brushes (Sketch, Marker & Watercolor)
    • 6 Styles (Watercolor Dark & Light, Soften, Contrast & 2 Textures)
    • 1 Step by Step Instructions in PDF format
    • 2 Instructional Videos 
    Action Pack: Ultimate Artist

     Also New this week:
    Digital Scrapbooking Brush Set: My Hand Super Biggie
    Tulip Painting created with Action Pack: Ultimate Artist
    “Le Grand Palais” digital scrapbooking layout by Brandy Murry
    “The Wonder Years” digital scrapbooking  layout by Brandy Murry
    Dutch Village Sketch by Brandy Murry
    “My Cookie Lilly” layout by Brandy Murry
    “Hostel de San Marco” digital scrapbooking layout by Brandy Murry
    Digital Scrapbooking Action Pack: Ultimate Artist Sample
    “I Love You” digital scrapbooking layout by Brandy Murry
    “Poppies” watercolor by Brandy Murry
    I hope you have tons of fun creating your own artwork, whether it be for your scrapbooks, home decor, art journals or just for fun. 

    Have a great weekend!


    1. you are a brillant artist and photoshopper...wowie... cant wait to try these actions... love love love all that i see here

    2. Aww thanks Bobbie...have fun! I can't wait to see what you come up with, you are so talented!

    3. Hi Brandy, this is really totally awesome! Think I'll get them at the Boutique in a moment to try them out.
      Congratulations on your Photoshop skill!

    4. Gotta get this one, its awesome! WTG Brandy

    5. Hi Brandy, I just posted a layout in my Scrapgirls Gallery (Tinkelbel) where I used this action. I need some more practicing, but I watched the two videos that come with the purchase, and they are really amazing!

      1. I just saw it, wow it is really wonderful! Left you some love there!

    6. Hi Brandy... I'm having a small problem with the application of the styles in the U. A. ... what is the best way to contact you? Thx.

    7. you can contact me at