Friday, 6 January 2012

"Grungalicious" I always wanted to say that word....

It's hard sometimes to think up names for products that will tell you what it is and be unique. I just like saying the word "Grungalicious". LOL!
"Baking Cookies" Digital Scrapbooking Layout by Brandy Murry
ScrapSimple Tools - Styles: Grungalicious 8501 Super Biggie

So here is a new Photoshop Styles set of 12 Grungalicious Styles that are textured.

Commercial License for this product is also available HERE.

Naturally Neutral Paper 
in 12 x 12 format
After I did the 8.5 X 11 versions of these papers, I had requests for the larger versions, they are:
Naturally Neutral Paper

Naturally Neutral Paper Details

 This is also part of a Value Pack for all of my go to basics:

Value Pack: Black White and Neutral Paper
This pack includes 3 paper sets for a total of 30 basic backgrounds.

Now for the layouts to get your creative brain in gear...
For other products used in this layout, click the image above to be taken to the Boutique were a clickable list of all products is available.
"Summer Vacation" Digital Scrapbooking Layout by Brandy Murry
"Smitten by Your Smile" Digital Scrapbooking Layout by Brandy Murry
"Rockin Lulabelle" Digital Scrapbooking Layout by Brandy Murry
"Spirit of Christmas" Digital Scrapbooking Layout by Brandy Murry
 I hope you all had a wonderful Holiday this year...cheers to a "Fabulicious" 2012!
(Oooh maybe a new collection name?)


  1. I would totally purchase a Fabulicious collection!! Love the new styles, Brandy. And your sample layouts are amazing!

  2. What about Fabulouso! Or Fantabulous!

  3. Thank you T! (smile)
    And yes Shannon..all those are good too.
    Jotting those down!

  4. I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE your vintage car layout. WOW! Is that layout is absolutely stunning Brandy.