Saturday, 26 February 2011

My Very First Blog Entry

Just a short note of Welcome to the new blog! I have finally taken the plunge into the mad world of blogging. I thought designing was hard to learn (smile).

In short, this blog is for digital scrapbooking enthusiasts who want to keep up with me and it provides an easy way for us to keep in touch. I hope that you will find it fun, creative, maybe learn something new and most of all be inspired to create beautiful memories for your families.

I wanted to introduce you to my "rugrats" scattered about the page. I'm "Aunt B" to 3 darling kiddos: Emily and the twins Lilly & Wesley.  I scrapbook for them mostly, however I also have my own pages that need "tending" to.

My newest  product - the Remembrance Collection Biggie digital scrapbooking kit  -  is now available. Find below the collection images and digital scrapbooking layouts to get your creative juices going.

Remembrance Collection Biggie Digital Scrapbooking Kit by Brandy Murry

Remembrance Collection Biggie digital scrapbooking kit: Embellishments

Remembrance Collection Biggie digital scrapbooking kit: Papers

Remembrance Collection Biggie digital scrapbooking kit: Paper Details

Layout samples for this collection:

Digital Scrapbooking Layout: Cotillion Portrait by Brandy Murry

Digital Scrapbooking Layout: Yesteryear by Brandy Murry

Digital Scrapbooking Layout: Remembrance by Brandy Murry

Digital Scrapbooking Layout: Beautiful Girl by Brandy Murry

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Links to all items used in these layouts can be found on the Boutique page at Scrapgirls. Just click on any of these images to be taken there.



  1. Lovely new collection and layouts, Brandy! Looking forward to following your blog posts!

  2. Welcome to blogdom! :) I should dust off my poor sad little neglected corner of Blogspot...

    Love your new collection-gorgeous!

  3. Great to see your smiling face, Brandy and, I LOVE your new blog! I plan on checking in here often as I know I'll learn something inspiring from you! I'm not a blogger but, I'm glad you are! :D Hugs!

    (tried to add a profile pic but, it wouldn't let me)

  4. YAYYYYY! Thanks Brandy! I look forward to following you and your blog. I just adore you---and this will be a way for me to "hang out with you" more. HUGS, Lynn

  5. Aunt B! I love it!

    I'm thrilled that you are taking this big plunge and that I'll be able to keep up with you through here. It looks marvelous - and this new collection is divine! (Think it's going to coordinate with your vino collection, I'll pour myself a glass and then judge. ;)

    I know when you'll be stateside as I've booked my flights back over your way! *wink*

    (((hugs))) from Texas!
    Patty Anne

  6. Love the new blog and the new collection is stunning! As usual!

  7. oh this is great news, finally I can grow up in your footsteps, LOL!!
    your blog looks wonderful and I am looking forward to seeing all that you will be putting up on it for us to go gaga over. have fun Brandy as I know you will

  8. Such a pretty blog, Brandy! You did a fantastic job setting all this up... it's not an easy or quick task either! I subscribed to you, so I can't wait to see where you take this.

  9. Just beautiful, Brandy. The new collection, and the blog! I can't wait to use it. Looking foward to seeing all the new things here.

  10. Yay!! Brandy finally got a blog!! Now I have a much easier way of following my biggest inspiration. I have subscribed and can't wait to see what nuggets of inspiration you bring our way! The blog looks fantastic!! Way to go