Friday, 22 May 2015

Interview on The Digital Coffee Break

This week I am so excited to be a guest on the "Digital Coffee Break"! The ladies over at are a wonderful group of teachers and scrapbook connoisseurs.

"In this interview we talk about mixing strong patterned papers & show samples on how I do it when mixing my papers from my kits."
You can watch a snippet of the interview here:

 Win a complimentary 1-month enrollment into Champions!

You could win a complimentary 1-month enrollment into Champions, a digital scrapbooker's dream resource for building layouts you love efficiently, faster and with less fuss. Each month, expect bite-sized, professional video lessons to recreate digital beautiful projects using Photoshop or Photoshop Elements, along with exclusive digital kits, templates, and a companion book with step by step instructions. Members also receive the Digital Coffee Break, the world's first video show for digital scrapbookers! 
(Drawing closes on Tuesday May 22nd Midnight EST)
Good Luck!

Friday, 15 May 2015

Pretty Spring Floral Paper Sets & Classic Templates

Hi all, this week I have 4 sets of pretty papers. 3 of them are based off of a rose paper I created in rosy pink, but liked them in other colors as well. I couldn't decide which color to use, so I just made all 3. Each set is a color combination with green in rose, blue & gray. I can't decide myself which color I like best, but I think it's the gray one. You?
Faded Rose Paper Mini
Faded Rose - Blue Paper Mini
Faded Rose - Gray Paper Mini
Click on any of the images above to be taken to the Scrap Girls Store to see more details.

Which Faded Rose Paper Set do you Prefer?

Poll Maker

I also created a Lotus Paper Mini which is really great for those outdoor photobooks & scrapbooks. This one is less feminine & can be used for all types of layouts.
Lotus Paper Mini

These papers have been sitting around on my computer for months. I kept thinking I would create a little kit around them, but it just never happened. So I started wondering.....if I could possible make layouts with little to no embellishments???

Now come on.... you know this is a huge challenge for me. ;) But really I found I liked it a lot! It allowed me to play more with pattern placement and fun arrangements. So I also include this week the layout templates I made to use with these papers.
ScrapSimple Digital Layout Album: Simply Classic

 Faded Rose - Blue Layouts
"A Mother's Love" scrapbooking / photobook layout by Brandy Murry
"AKA" scrapbooking / photobook layout by Brandy Murry
Faded Rose - Gray Layouts

"Easter Sunday" scrapbooking / photobook layout by Brandy Murry
"Easter Sunday" scrapbooking / photobook layout by Brandy Murry
"Best Friends" scrapbooking / photobook layout by Brandy Murry

Faded Rose Layouts
"Be Free" scrapbooking / photobook layout by Brandy Murry
"Our Children" scrapbooking / photobook layout by Brandy Murry
 Lotus Layouts
"At the River" scrapbooking / photobook layout by Brandy Murry
"5 Days" scrapbooking / photobook layout by Brandy Murry
"5 Days" scrapbooking / photobook layout by Brandy Murry
All of the layouts above use the new ScrapSimple Digital Layout Album: Simply Classic

OK well that is all I have for this week. I am really curious as to what color set you find more appealing so don't forget to take the little poll above and let's see! It will be interesting to see if you agree with me or not.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Saturday, 9 May 2015

Artful Blogging Magazine Feature & New Clusters

Hello friends, hey guess what? I am so excited that Scrapbooks from the Heart was a featured blog in the Artful Blogging Magazine Summer 2015 !! Eeeeeee ! It is such a beautiful publication and I am so thrilled I got to be a part of it.

 I have an article inside called "Keeping it Simple" if you get a chance to pick it up at your bookstore or online, the inspirational photographs alone are well worth it.

Also this week, I have a new set of clusters called "Torn Photo Clusters Embellishments".
You can make quick and easy digital scrapbooking layouts with these fun torn photo clusters. Just add your own photo and your off to a beautiful page.

Torn Photo Clusters Embellishments

This set includes 5 premade torn photo clusters that come in in Photoshop PSD format as well as individual PNGs for users of other imaging programs. Plus a textured white background is included with each group. Use the groups together or the separate parts for beautiful accents to your photobook, scrapbooks & art journals.

Here are some layouts I created for the set:
(to see all products used to make these layouts, just click on the images to be taken to the Scrap Girls Boutique. There, in the long description, is a list for each layout with links for your convenience.)

I like these because you can use them all together or you can separate the parts and also just add those to your book and art journals.

Here's an example of a started layout without the torn frame. The only extra thing added to this is the Dotty Swirl Brush. The rest is all part of the cluster set, even the background.

So hey.... I hope you like it and create something that makes you happy. Happy scrapping! Have a great weekend.

Monday, 4 May 2015

Painted Pops of Color

Back for a 2nd round is Different Strokes. Set #2 comes in papers and a set of Photoshop Styles.
Different Strokes was made especially to go with the Action Set: Silhouettes.  It gives you a fun painted look to clip to your silhouette or under it.


The Photoshop Styles are just patterns of the papers (not blended), so if you have one, you don't necessarily need the other. It's just up to you to choose what works best for you. You can use them with the Action Set: Silhouettes (Sold separately) or use them to overlay on template for an extra boost of artsy color. In the "Let them Eat Cake" layout above it was used under the silhouette and as an overlay to the flower template to give it a painted look.

ScrapSimple Tools - Styles: Different Strokes 2
Different Strokes 2 Paper Mini

The styles are great to also use on fonts for some colorful titles:

You can also add the styles (or papers) to brushes and masks for a pop.

Here is a close up of what the patterns look like:

Use them for accents and move them around for alternate color versions using the same pattern.
Here's a tip when overlaying over a template. Place the paper you want to use over the piece you want to color.  Clip it to your template (PSE: Control+G or PS Control+Alt+G) and change the blending mode to "Overlay" at 100%. Duplicate the Different Strokes  paper and change the blending mode of this paper to "Soft Light" and adjust the opacity. This makes your colors really pop!

For those of you who are designers, there is a Commercial License for the the Style Set so you can use them to create your own resale graphics. You can find it by using the drop down box on the License Option of the store page.

If you like these, you might also like the Original Different Stokes Paper Set.
The colors of this set are more subdued.

Different Stokes Paper

So that is what is new for this week, I hope you have fun creating some great pop art and (re)painting up your embellishments!

Thursday, 30 April 2015

It's Not my Birthday

Ok so it's not my birthday (yet) lol, but it could be that you are celebrating one or someone you love.
For this kit, I wanted something that was more grown up. No offense to pink and purple..truly Lilly loves stuff like that (she's 6). But I was thinking what I may like for for a birthday card or page. So I played around and created the Happy Birthday Collection.
Happy Birthday Collection Biggie

  • (16) Bright backgrounds in a mix of textures, floral & other coordinating patterns.
  • (3) 8.5X11 pages of coordinating embellishments with items such as a gift box, rolled paper candles, a paper birthday cake, gold candle cake toppers & more!
  • (2) Gold Trimmed Alpha Sets (These sets includes: All letters, numbers and some punctuation.)
  • (2) 8.5X11 pages of coordinating Word Art Stamps, Tags and gold script numbers.

Note: If you are musical, forgive my design version of the birthday song. And heaven forbid, don't try to play it...LOL it is for visual purposes only & is in no way related to the original copyrighted version. In other words, I just moved notes around to make it look nice & made up my own words. I had to go in and change it all up after an alert from a loyal Scrapgirl. (Thanks Gayle)  Apparently there is some controversy about it and I prefer to stay out of it ;) Who knew?

Happy Birthday Alphas & Word Art (Available ONLY with the Collection)

Happy Birthday Embellishments

Happy Birthday Paper Details

Also Available:
I also created a perpetual calendar template. It has all the months in it even though the sample only shows June. You can use this digital perpetual calendar template to make a personalized calendar or use as backgrounds & embellishments on your digital scrapbooking or photobook pages.
ScrapSimple Calendar Template: Perpetual 8501
 This set comes in a PSD (Photoshop) file format as well as PNG files for users of other image editing programs. Just change the colors & add patterns to create your own version. You can also get the CU License on this set.
  • All Months
  • American & European Weeks
  • Number Buttons (1-31)
  • Grid
  • Week Blocks

Layout ideas:  

 For a personal touch, use the gold flowers in this paper to add how old the person is.
Gold is hot right now, add fun gold accents for a feel of elegance. The metallic gold birthday candle is fun.

Here's an idea for a birthday card, the cake is included in the kit, just add your own recipient!
Here's another card idea, like the first one, these rolled paper candles are included in the kit.
A kit for all ages.
Sample for the Perpetual Calendar Templates. It is great to use for your Project 52 layouts.
Sample for the Perpetual Calendar Templates. Use the months as page titles.

Well kiddos, that is all I have for this week. I hope you enjoy the new set and have fun making pages and cards with it. Enjoy!